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» BAD-A Info (New to BAD-A? read this here)
Clan Rules, etc. EmptyMon Apr 18, 2016 11:59 am by Azrael_Ashemdion

» Clan Rules, etc.
Clan Rules, etc. EmptyMon Apr 18, 2016 11:57 am by Azrael_Ashemdion

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Clan Rules, etc.

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Clan Rules, etc. Empty Clan Rules, etc.

Post by Azrael_Ashemdion on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:57 am

Hi everyone, and thanks for your interest in BAD-Armada!

A little formality to get things out of the way ahead of time. We're a friendly bunch, and a (generally Smile ) honest one, and we've got a few rules set up to ensure things stay that way both in-game and here on our forums, as well as to guard our reputation among the broader World of Warships community. They are as follows:

1. We are friends first, so any niggles or private issues, please take it to a private room rather than argue it out in public. Better still crack a funny and get on with it !

2. No spamming the forums or TS please. We will take action appropriate to the level of spam.

3. Try to avoid racial or ethnic slurs. We understand sometimes they pop out, but we have a broad range of players here, and it's always better to use "asshole" or "mung cheese" than something which might inadvertently be a really dickish thing to say.

4. In-game aim-assist or any other illegal mod is strictly FORBIDDEN and we will be randomly asking for replays from members on occasion. Anyone found employing an aim-assist or other WG-illegal mod will be expelled without question. We have a reputation as an honorable and friendly clan, and this rule is needed to preserve that.

5. Unless you are an officer of the clan, please do not speak out on behalf of the clan in public forums. If you see a situation where you think BAD-A action is needed, please contact an officer and direct them to the incident in question. You're welcome to speak on your own behalf and of course to do so while wearing the clan name, but unless you are authorized to do so you may not speak on behalf of the clan itself.

That's all for now, but check back from time to time, as these items may change over time.


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